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Henri Dikongués first album - accoustic guitar played with passion together with relaxed percussion, a very intimate sound - as fresh as the cameroonian forests.

01. Ho a Muto
02. Alasso
03. Africa
04. Ndolo
05. Ndutam Nya Longue
06. Ndedi Namba
07. Wa
08. Nabolane Wa Mbobe
09. Nama Poula Ndena
10. Missodi

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01. Ndutu
02. Ndol'asu
03. C'est la vie
04. Na tem Ité Idiba
05. Na teleye owa ngea
06.We nde mba
07. Bulu do wingi tenge
08. Françoise
09. A Mumi
10. Wen te mba wenge
11. Douala

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01. Ndolo xxx
02. Clone
03. Mot'a Bobe
04. Non Retour
05. Ya di la Bobe
06. N'Oublie Jamais
07. Na Sengi Oa Bwam
08. Mot' a Benama
09. Bunate
10. Ongele
11. N'Oublie Jamais (instrumental)

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"Biso Nawa" is the 4th album by the France-based Cameroonian singer-songwriter Henri Dikongué. His choice of lyrical, intimate acoustic music has ranged him with Lokua Kanza, Oryema and Ismael Lô. He has developed his own musical landscape, showing the same ease in ethereal ballads and dancing tempos.

His light and elegant guitar playing delicately embroiders around softly swaying songs. Whether he chisels luscious ballads or sings about universal concerns, he combines rhythmic elasticity and melodic intertwining with charming, inspired freshness.

01. Biso nawa
02. Né sous X

03. Nasi Kane
04. Dibumbe
05. El Tyrano
06. Awale
07. A dikom
09. Nongele ndena
10. Sengane
11. Ponda

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